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PACSA - a division of IOP






PASCA, a division of  IOP manufactures and market a range of internal and external coatings for food, beer and beverage cans under licence to AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings.


Metal Packaging

Global expertise

Coatings for food, beer & beverage cans



Our Vitalure™ and Aqualure™ range of internal coatings provide the ultimate in product resistance, flexibility and adhesion,allowing fillers to pack the diverse range of food types, from acidic fruits and soups to sulfurous meat and vegetables, with complete confidence.


Our Vitalac™ and Aquaprime™ external coatings protect the outside of the can body and ends through aggressive retorts, whilst retaining the attractive appearance of the finished can.


Vitalure™ food can coatings are a key element in maintaining the flavour, texture and appearance of canned foods by performing the dual role of protecting the filling from the metal and the metal from the filling.


Vitalure™ products for food cans achieve this by providing the ultimate in product resistance, flexibility and adhesion. These properties allow a diverse range of foods, from acidic fruits and soups to meat and vegetables, to be canned with complete confidence.


The internal protection of metal closures presents different challenges;

Metal closures vary widely in style and function i.e. vacuum closures for foods, crowns and pilfer proofs for beverages, however, for every case there are Vitalure™ coatings with outstanding performance in preserving the quality of the foods and beverages packed.

Through our partnership with AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings, we rely on our extensive experience in the food contact and beverage markets to minimize the exposure of risk to our customers, and the brands as new technologies and processes are introduced to market.


We pursue excellent performance through extensive testing and benchmarking around the world. As a result of AkzoNobel research and development drive, PASCA offers the metal packaging industry top quality specialist and mainstream products, ensuring that we can always provide the best technology solutions to match all your performance needs from a single supplier.


The key to pack integrity


Solvent based technology for internal protection of metal closures, can bodies and ends for the food, beer and beverage, aerosol and general line market segments.